Placing the right person for the right work can give us outstanding results. That is what human resources and staffing are concerned with. In other words, they check on the well being of and well working of the employees in the office.

So, here we accept the challenge. We, at “Soven Developers” help you to grow your business and that too without any major ventures. Soven developers help you to outsource your business by providing you with hardworking individuals, who are excellent and outstanding in performing their tasks and duties.

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Not only outsourcing will help you saving some Pounds but also extricate you from coaching employees as we provide you with more experienced and already trained candidates who have good knowledge and skills of “Human Resource and Staffing”.

Human resources is a crucial department in any business or organization, whether small or big. And the need for HR professionals is continuously increasing. They need to think bigger and broadly as of increasing responsibilities. That’s what our candidates do. Our HR individuals, work with the management and employment rustiness, selection of employees, posting job ads, and keeping records managing files of employees, receiving payrolls, etc.

HR tasks require a deep understanding of the organizations and workplace for he/she is working and that are candidates understand with their open mind and passion to work.

Now, let’s explain to you the roles and responsibilities of HR and staffing in detail.

A human resource person plays a lot of roles and duties during his / her work carrier.

a) Hiring Employ

Every employee make an equal amount of impact on the company through its work. Therefore, hiring an employee that can perform his / her work efficiently is important. HR plays a roll in hiring employees by assessing the candidates, choosing the one who doesn’t hesitate to take up duties and the culture of the company, and adapt to the working style.

b) Payroll Distribution: the list of employees that are entitled to receive pay and the amount that each should receive, the HR ensures the employees are getting their salaries that are accurate and the payment is on time. HR is responsible for keeping the record of the payroll and keeps up with consistency and accuracy.

c) Discipline and Termination: discipline keeps the company in shape and structure. If the employees are disciplined, the chances of a succeeding business increasing. HR makes sure that the workers are disciplined and follow rules and regulations laid down by the company. HR supervises them and guides them through every prospect to maintain good results for the company.

Termination means the action of terminating something and someone. Terminating employees, HR needs to go through employees’ background, work history, disciplinary factors, and their behavior. HR ensures that the leaving employee is treated with mannerism to reduce the chances of discrimination and helps to keeps the environment of office neutral and consistent.

d) Legal and Regulatory updates: keeping policies and reviews up to date is extremely important. Timely scheduling policy reviews can save a company from unwanted legal procedures. Most HR-focused law firms offer blogs and send out emails alerts when regulations change or court decision keeping in mind of labor and employment law.

e) Maintaining Safe Environment: workplace safety is highly important. Having a happy and safe environment for employees ensures their efficient functioning. Having no discrimination but equality between the employers and employs is extremely important

.HR makes sure that a healthy work environment is maintained throughout the office premises.

Staffing is a function of recruitment, screening, and selection processes done while hiring people to work for an organization or business. Staffing strategy is usually used while hiring employees which usually done by HR or company managers.

Small organizations may handle staffing case by case, while larger organizations may go through multiple staffing practices during a single year.

Good staffing needs planning, organization, directing, and controlling.

Therefore each person must work in the right place according to its qualifications and abilities. The right job should be appointed to the right person.

Staffing is extremely important and should be taken as a serious matter. Here are some steps that are taken while staffing is taking place.

A. Estimating manpower requirement

Finding an empty place in the workplace and analyzing the manpower is very important. Manpower is not only ‘how many’ people are required in amount but also the type of people required.

This includes qualifications, abilities, hobbies, education, and experience.

This also needs to find the right number of people in a particular work field who are efficient and gives the best results.

Hiring an appropriate number of people lessens the burden on other people working for the same cause and working capacity increases. The work done after hiring appropriate employs will be done less amount o time and comparatively work done will be better.


it refers to the analyzing peoples who came for the job interview of a particular job requirement.

The company publishes articles of job vacancies in newspapers or an online advertisement. So that many people can know about the opportunities and apply for them.

The company wants many people to apply for the job so that the people who are best suited for the wakened position can be recruited.

This gives the person who was looking for employs to get better choices before appointing someone.

This way the company’s requirements can be fulfilled properly.

C. Selection:

the company selects the most suitable candidate to fill the empty job position.

Several in interviews, background, and education and qualification checks are done before selecting a person.

The main objective is to find the best suitable person that can benefit the company and to get personally familiar with the workplace and work routine.

D.Placement: placement refers to giving the person the position he/she has applied and is selected for. It also refers to filling the vacant position for a job.

This also includes the newly employed person getting to know his colleagues and the working environment and culture of the company.

E. Training and Development: training helps the new employee to expand its knowledge. Training and development help both companies and employees in the long run. The employees that get proper training can perform better in their jobs.

Training will get employs a greater understanding of greater responsibilities and will also help in a better understanding of their job.

This also encourages creativity in the person and he can think out of the box. The sense of responsibility increases for the person.

This helps the person with his performance and a better understanding of everything which in turn helps him to broader its boundaries in other fields too.

A sense of discipline and open-mindedness comes in the person who makes him and his company have far better results.

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