Positive and Poor Outsourcing

We hopefully have some sort of idea or role in outsourcing since we have arrived here. We are doing our work, right? Whether it’s positive or negative! So, what is the path one way or the other going to take? Perhaps we should make a list 5 of the pros and cons. With each of them, I’ll get you started. It is of course not a full list, but I’ve got more support for you, not to be bothered. Alternatively, I have written a lot about this subject, from the big obstacles to manufacturing being outsourced to measure that have to be taken to outsource customer support or whether customer satisfaction is even feasible.

As it is rightly said:

“Everything in your business can be outsourced… if you’re not emotionally attached to doing it all.” — Richard Branson

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of Outsourcing are:

Pros of Outsourcing

1: Increase profits

Outsourcing helps us to increase profit and productivity by eliminating the major costs such as training costs, hiring costs, employees benefits etc. These are a few costs which can be mitigated through outsourcing and help in increasing the profit of a company.

2: Increase efficiency

Outsourcing helps us to increase efficiency by having different strategic plans. For companies, efficiency is considered to be one of the most challenging objectives which they have to increase.

3: Increase distribution of job from one place to another

Outsourcing helps in increasing job distribution from one place to another. As outsourcing is an agreement between companies where one deal with another.

4: Strengthen international ties

If a country trade with another country, they help each other to grow. Outsourcing helps in strengthening the relationship between companies; through this, they can also strengthen the relationship between governments of those countries.

5: Reduce cost

Outsourcing helps us to reduce the cost because when company outsource, the company which outsources will not manufacture the product but take the product which is already manufactured by another company so it help’s in cost reduction of the company.

Cons of Outsourcing

1: Lack of control

When we outsource our work, we are not able to monitor the work in progress and how it is being performed. So one does not have control over the internal part of the work.

2: Communication issue

It is one of the major cons of outsourcing, communication issue can arise when one company time zone does match with others or what method they preferred does not match with other company.

3: May experience a negative impact on company culture

Some time company have to face a negative impact on a company’s culture due to other company which is considered to be one of the major cons of outsourcing which a company have to face.

4: The language barrier

A language barrier may occur such as if one knows English others does not or if one knows Hindi others do not. It leads to a language barrier due to outsourcing which creates a great impact on outsourcing.

5: Lack of poor quality

We can save money and time but quality cannot. The quality is required to be good but sometimes we did not get good quality as one company depending on others due to outsourcing. So, sometimes the company have to compromise with quality.

-Krati Porwal