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Technology has become a vital part of our life and lifestyle. We cannot imagine the world without it. From a 6 year old to a 60 year old person knows how crucial our computers and mobile phones are to us. It is just not limited to the people who are working dealing with software development or programmer but everyone who have a computer and knows how to use it.

The use of tech is widespread from offices, bureaus, schools, colleges to the comfort of our home.

So, here we accept the challenge. We, at “Soven Outsourcer” help you to grow your business and that too without any major ventures. Soven Outsourcer help you to outsource your business by providing you with hardworking individuals, who are excellent and outstanding in performing their task and duties.

Outsourcing is a method that not only allows you to emphasise on more greater things in your business that needs a outlook but

well also get your work done by capable candidates so we can make sometime for yourself and have relaxing hot coffee .

Not only outsourcing will help you saving some Pounds but also extricate you from coaching employees as we provide you with more experienced and already trained candidates who have good knowledge and skills of “Technical Support Services”. They know the role and requirements a tech service needs. They have knowledge about software engineering and hardware and software updating. They know all about information technology and computer sciences and what is exactly expected from a IT specialist.

Now, let’s explain you these services.

So, here comes the role of tech service.

Tech service provides assistance and maintenance for our computer systems whether it is updating, installing, organizing or fixing any problem that is system related.

The tech support service can work in mainly two directions i.e. either working for a company or organization and assisting and supporting them or being hired by the company who provide work to them which they tackle from help desk through calls.

Working as a tech support specialist is the very first step of entering IT field.

The people who perform work in IT team of a company or who are self employed usually are educated or have good knowledge in the fields like:

Software engineering —

software engineering is a systematic application of engineering approaches to the development of software. Software engineer applies their mathematical analysis and the principles of computer science in order to design and develop computer software.

Software engineering has two main functions that are software development and software testing.

Software development; main aim is to construct a good software. It is a combination of programming, verification, software testing, and resolving computer defects. There are many types of software that software engineers can develop like operating systems, computer games, middle ware, business applications and network control system

Software testing; after the software is developed, it has to be checked for its proper functioning so that the developed software can meet the requirement of the product and ensure that the software is defect free.

Information technology — the study and use of systems and technology for storing, networking and other technical activities like creating, securing, exchanging data in a computer device is called information technology.

Information technology helps us with instant messaging, emails, voice and video calls becomes quicker, cheaper and much efficient. Some examples of IT are smart phones, automatic lights, tablet computers, automatic cabinets etc.

Due to information tech we can information on any topic from all around the world. This saves us time and eases mobility. Due to fast calls and video calls communicating without loved ones has became so easy and quick. This provides better learning opportunities and saves us a lot of money and tensions.

Computer sciences — computer science is the study of computer technology both hardware and software. Computer science is a diverse field and requires skills that are both practical and theoretical.

The field of computer science has several core rates like computer theory, hardware systems, software system and scientific computing.

Computer science is a vast field and contains many more learning and application factors like computer graphics, data management memory system, computer programming, digital image / sound, applied mathematics and web development etc.

Updating software and hardware —

updates contains important changes to improve the performance, stability and security of the applications that run on your computer. Installing them ensures that your software continues to run safely and efficiently.

It saves you from hackers and secures the weakness by targeting codes. Updating your software makes the internal matter such as emails, bank amount details and other important things safe. Cyber security increases.

It is important to keep hardware updated too. Software developers and designers are continuously updating software to prevent hacking but if the hardware is too outdated then the risk of hacking increases.

So prevent your system from getting hacked and increasing speed and efficiency of a computer or server is obtained when the hardware is updated and parts of the hardware is replaced if they have worn out. This way your computer systems will be less prone to defects and work like new or even better.

Or any computer specialisation course in computer networking like computer programmes, database administration, software developers and web developers.

Big companies mostly hire people to work under them as IT experts. They basically work by monitoring or maintenance of IT systems; they focus on computer network, databases or system administration and there functions.

They use people who are highly qualified in the computer specialisation sectors and work fast and efficiently. For example if there is a problem in one of the systems in office then the IT person is able to find and hunt the problem down in second or within minutes so that the work on that system can be resumed as soon as possible .

For the companies with higher capitals stances requires installing and re-sourcing of new technology and new software along with regular maintenance to existing hardware and software. New software and updated applications are the better versions of the previous ones with more and better reasonable functions and accessories.

Self employment IT is basically providing helps through calls or in their local areas and can be called ‘Help Desk Technicians’. They work within a locality or surged to help small business like working in a cyber cafe or computer system present at homes or helping start up industries with less capital.

There day to day task basically involves following:

· Testing and evaluating new technologies.

· Updating computer system software.

· Checking and correcting the occurring in a system.

· Running security checks on all systems.

· Replacing the damaged and imbalance parts of a computing system and replacing them with new ones.

· Proper maintenance of all technical devises involved in daily activities.

Admin Control -

An IT specialist should be quick witted and expert in his / her area. They should have absolute knowledge of the hardware and software and gave analytic approach. They should know all about the different pieces and services of a computing system and about the operations they perform. The problem solving and logical thinking should be outstanding.

Tech services are offering bigger platforms and success rate is quit high with salary ranging $40,000 to $80,000.

The industry has contributed considerably to the economy in terms of GDP. Employment and forcing exchange of earnings. IT industry is also responsible for increases competence and productivity of almost all sectors of economy like services at bank, post offices, railways and airports etc.




|| Outsourcing Support Is Not A Service, It’s A Belief ||

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Soven Outsourcer

Soven Outsourcer

|| Outsourcing Support Is Not A Service, It’s A Belief ||

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