Writing is not all profession but passion. Putting down your

thoughts, ideology and views on various concepts and area of discussion is not all but connecting with your audience is the main aim.

Writing needs good concentration and focus on the topic on sights.

The use of ample amount of great vocabulary, verbs, nouns, pronouns and adjectives makes a writer more diligent and interesting.

Whether it is an author, poet, blogger or editor, the way of presenting words differ and that’s all that matter. The style and sophisticated keeps the reader engaged riveting. The reader should be able to absorb the meaning behind the words of the writers.

With growing need of creative and talented writers who are outstanding in their jobs, the internal pressure has increased.

There are numerous ways a writer can present his thoughts on a piece of paper. The style of writing depends on topic, occasion or what field the writer is writing upon.

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Now let’s explain you these services.

There are different types of writings based on different perspective and

different means.

Major types of writing are

A ) Descriptive Writing

One of the most effective type of writing where the writer describes or pen down his/her imagination or thoughts in such a way that the reader feels like they are a part of their creation. The writer narrates their plots explaining every dip of the respective topic or about a person or a thing.

Descriptive writing is more widely used while writing poetry or novels or describing a scene and scenery.

The writer describes and even enhances the beauty of simple picture or a person

Example:- “her hairs were as dark as the night of the full moon. Her eyes were shining just as crystals the blue orbs were enchanting “.

Here the writer describes and compares the hair of the girl with beautiful dark night and her blue eyes crystals.

Descriptive writing is said to be the most beautiful types of writing. There the person is able to make himself involved in the author’s composition and this type of writing is effective as it can change the mood of the readers.

Example:- “The wind was blowing, fast and smooth. The summer morning wind always awakens the inner piece in my mind. The sun shine casting a soft glow on my face, forces me to close my eyes and relish the warm it provides”.

Here writer explain a summer morning scene with its positive effect on a person’s mind.

The uses of impressive and soft words are used in this form of writing.

The reader can imagine itself in the same situation as the character and feel what the character feels.

He/she draws the image of the situation in their own minds.

B) Persuasive Writing

When you need to convince someone to change their mind or to believe in something then persuasive writing comes handy.

It is one of the most effective and strong type of writing where the writer is trying to inspire the audience. This type of writing is used when writing for news, community service write ups, school or colleges notices.

Persuasive writing needs focus and attention to every word or sentence that is written in the article. The information provided should be checked and re- checked. No false information can be provided as it can be misleading and leads t outrageous outcomes.

The topic should be focus upon and the agenda to write that article should be written with clarity and precision.

This type of writings is based on reasons, arguments and justifications.

It can be about something that writer feels passionate about and wants people to know about it , in order for people to agree upon or to a reaction from them.

Example:- “during the Delhi riots, people were highly advised not to share any horrendous information through whats app has it can lead to mass murder.”

C) Expository Writing

it is a very subject oriented style of writing . The writer sticks to the topic, providing just enough information. It is quite opposite to creative writing (fiction).

It is basically a form of writing which we use in our daily conversations. It is a course of providing logical information.

The foremost motive is to provide informative information. The writer doesn’t have to add on any thoughts of him/her in the information which is already provided. Just simple writing with relevant facts.

Because it is simplest type of writing, therefore it can be simple instructions about how to use something or how to create something.

The writing is usually in logical order and sequence. We can compare one or two subjects easily.

Easy form of writing which can be easily understood. Essay like thus are packed with solutions and facts.

Example:- information in textbooks, articles, recipe, news stories mainly editorial pieces etc.

D) Narrative Writing

It is a form of writing where we recite or tell a tale. The base of

the article is fiction based. The characters are portrayed in a way it tells its own story and the story behind it.

It is basically used on novel writing or poetry. The plot and character of the story should be complimenting each other. The narrator puts his own experiences and point of view.

Narrative writing is usually imaginative and told as a tale. There are a chain of events that describes the character and character’s view.

The writer can be biased as put his / her opinions in this writing freely expressing his thoughts.

These types of writings are used in novels, short stories, comics, plays, musicals and narrative poetry.

Example:- “ Werewolf was hardheaded and arrogant. Running through the woods with a speed that no God’s creature could match, he launches himself at his prey.”

While writing anything , make sure of something to make

your write up more influential and prominent.

· Use complete sentences; half information is more dangerous than no information.

· Stick to the topic; avoid distractions.

· Use quotes to make it interesting.

· Use examples for better understanding.

· Use catchy yet interesting headlines.

· Use short paragraphs to explain yourself or the topic rather than big paragraphs. It became easy for readers to understand it better and avoid mental exhaustion.

· Always check and re — check the information you are providing to your audience. Use of components like sub — headings, pointers , sub sections and examples are important.

· Finishing touches are a must.

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